Morocco keeps HR flat steel imports from EU and Turkey under surveillance

According to a statement released by Morocco's Industry, Trade and New Technologies Ministry, Morocco will continue to keep hot rolled flat steel imports from the European Union and Turkey under surveillance during the period of its antidumping duty investigation regarding imports of these products from the sources in question. Morocco-based Maghrep Steel is capable of producing 1.2 million mt of crude steel and 500,000 mt of hot rolled flat steel per year. The company's flat steel products portfolio includes hot rolled and cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet and color coated sheet, as well as quarto plate.The statement indicates that import of hot rolled flat steel from the EU and Turkey will be conducted with the approval of Morocco's Department of Foreign Trade. In January this year the Moroccan government initiated an antidumping (AD) duty investigation against the hot rolled flat steel imports from the European Union and Turkey upon the request of Maghreb Steel.
The goods subject to investigation are currently classified under Harmonized System code numbers 7208 (excluding 7208.10 and 7208.40), 7211.13, 7211.14 and 7211.19.

  AGIS achieves production milestone

Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC (AGIS), Abu Dhabi has produced 1 Million tons of flat steel products in the last 5 years. Achieving this milestone on its Continuous Galvanising Line on 9th October, the UAE based complex has, within a record time, produced a Million ton each in its Pickling line, Cold Rolling Mill and Galvanising Line. Production at the Greenfield Abu Dhabi facility began in September, 2008 and the lines have been in continuous production since.
Mr. Abu Bucker Husain, CEO attributes this performance to the strong economies of the region and excellent support by the ZonesCorp and Abu Dhabi Government to non-oil based industries. "Despite starting our operations at the peak of the global economic crisis, we managed to do well on the strength of the quality of our products. In the very first year we reached 100% capacity utilization of the plant. Currently, we are producing a little over the installed capacity. UAE has been able to rebound better than most other economies after the economic crisis and the construction industry is buoyant after the latest announcements of various developmental projects."
Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC - the first and the only flat steel cold rolling & galvanising complex in the UAE, is a joint venture of the Al Ghurair Group, UAE and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC), Japan. New equipment has been ordered to expand the production capacities at the existing location and the commissioning is scheduled for early 2015. Tenders for Civil Works have been floated and work on the ground is scheduled to commence before the end of this year.
"In addition to commissioning a new Continuous Galvanising Line to increase the total production capacity, a Skin Pass Mill is also being added to the existing line in order to increase the product basket. AGIS plans to provide the substrate steel sheets to the Prepainting & Colour Coating lines in the region" said Mr. Husain.

  Turkey's crude steel output down 1.2 percent in September

According to a statement released by the Turkish Iron and Steel Producers' Association (TCUD), Turkish crude steel production, which had been indicating a slowdown since the last quarter of 2012, exceeded 3 million mt in September, for the first time since May but still it is down by 1.2% in comparision with last year 2012. In September, Turkish crude steel output amounted to 3.01 million mt, decreasing by 1.2 percent compared to September 2012, while it registered a strong increase of 17.1 percent month on month. May was the only other month this year in which Turkish crude steel output exceeded the 3 million mt mark. During the first nine months, Turkey's crude steel output decreased by five percent to 25.81 million mt. In the given period, Turkey's slab output amounted to 5.86 million mt, falling 12.9 percent, while the country's steel billet output decreased by 2.4 percent to 19.95 million mt, both year on year. The TCUD statement indicated that Turkey ranked as the ninth biggest crude steel producer in the world in January-September, falling behind Brazil which registered a crude steel output of 25.91 million mt, down 0.6 percent year on year. Ukraine followed Turkey with a crude steel output of 24.99 million mt, falling slightly by 0.2 percent year on year.

Al Ameen Steel Fabrication Engineering Firm Announces the Release of a New Line of Forklift Ramps

Al Ameen Steel Fabrication Engineering, a reputable and experienced steel fabrication firm , has announced the release of a new line of products – forklift ramps. The companies has over 7 years of experience making forklift ramps for government and private companies and have released four types of ramps namely, Mini Ramp, Lite Yard Ramp, Heavy Duty Ramp and Elite Forklift Ramp. All forklift ramps are custom made to suit the unique needs of every customer hence rare readymade forklift ramps.
"Based on 7 years' experience making these high quality ramps, we have introduced four versions of forklift ramps so our customers can quickly make the selection based on their needs & budget plans,” said The Managing Director of the firm, Mohd Shahnawaz.
Al Ameen Steel Fabrication Engineering believes in quality and professionalism in all its activities. The forklifts are made from high grade steel materials to ensure durability and strength during loading and to forestall any possible injuries or damage that might be caused by substandard equipment.
From the experience making previous ramps the company employs strong safety measures during the construction and installation of the forklift ramps. Some of these measures include robust design for easy loading and moving, high quality grating sheet to prevent dust collection and eventual slipperiness, high quality channels ASTM A36 for strength and durability, high quality chequered plates to improve traction and heavy duty wheels that can comfortably carry the forklift ramps.
Besides these measures, Al Ameen Steel Fabrication Engineering also provides a variety of security accessories for further safety. These include curbs meant for preventing runoffs and safety chains to secure ramp to dock or trailer during movement.

Italian company to invest in Iran's Steel Industry

The agreement was reached between the MMTE Engineering and Construction Company and the Italian Tenoa Company, Managing-Director of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) Mehdi Karbasiyan said.
Karbasiyan stressed that the Sirjan steel plant will be inaugurated by March 2015, and said, “About 500 people are currently working in the factory and after the inauguration of its steel manufacturing section more than 1,500 new job opportunities will be created.”
MMTE Engineering and Construction Company is one of the first Iranian engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors in the steel industry specializing in management, engineering, procurement and construction of direct reduction, pelletizing and steel making plants.
The World Steel Association (WSA) recently declared “Iran as the largest steel producer in the Middle-East and North Africa”. According to WSA's report, Iran produced 14.463 million tons of crude steel in 2012, and was named the first largest producer of crude steel in the Middle-East and North Africa. The country's main steel mills are located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces.Iran has risen its steel production output by more than 9 percent, the WSA announced in January, adding that the country is now the world's 15th steel producer.
Among 62 world major steel producers, Iran jumped two steps higher and became the world's 15th steel producer in 2012, the report said. Iran ranked above UK, Spain and Canada.

  Hisham Al- Hmili appointed as CEO of Saudi SULB

Hisham Al- Hmili has been appointed as Chief Executive officer of Saudi SULB effective starting from 1st September 2013.
Hisham had held the post of General Director of Sales and Marketing Department at HADEED SABIC for a long time, and was a representative of Hadeed SABIC in the Board of Directors of the Union and a senior member in all AISU's meetings and activities.
Arab Iron and Steel Union take this opportunity to express sincere wishes to Mr. Hisham Al- Hmili with luck and success in his new duties.