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Within the umbrella of iron & steel industry, special steels assume a very vital and prestigious position. Owing to

their special propeerties, these steels find applications in variety of industries and a lot of metallurgical thinking is required to formulate their parameters. Many steel mills producing TMT or similar steels may operate without a qualified metallurgist but this is impossible in case of mills producing special steels. Thousands of compositions and grades as well as numerous intricate parameters and applications make this sector really challenging and thus exciting!
The sector has been growing with double digit rate for the last decade or so with an approximate domestic consumption of 7 MT, around 8 to 9 % of the total steel consumption in the country.

Forging Industry Passing through most challenging phase

“The Indian Forging Industry is highly fragmented, with almost 85% of the individual companies having an installed capacity of below 12500 Tons per Annum contributing to less than 40% of the overall production; this has prevented them from keeping pace with the technological innovations that have been taking place periodically”, says Asheet Pasricha, President of Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) in an ... Read more

Long Steel Products -An Overview

Steel products have a wide range of applications from the manufacture of a small pin to building of automobiles, railway system, aircrafts, ship building, construction and infrastructure projects, nuclear projects and building of space satellites. Long steel products are mainly consumed by construction ... Read more

Use of Lower Quality Iron Ore Need of the Hour
The blast furnace has remained the traditional route & would continue to dominate iron making in India. However, in view of the high investments, limited availability of metallurgical coke, there is an increasingly growing awareness that the blast furnace route needs to be supplemented with alternative iron making processes says Technical Team-R&D, SAIL. Read more

Infrastructure boost to lift mood in steel industry
Steelworld Research Team focuses how infrastructure can boost the steel sector. Steel prices have dropped by Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per ton in the last few months causing extreme financial hardship to the steel industry. The problem has been aggravated due to cancellation of the coal blocks by the Supreme Court, creating uncertainty over future availability of coal at competitive prices. Read more