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Dear Steel & Metals Industry Professionals, 

As you are aware, ‘Steelworld’ and ‘Metalworld’ magazines (owned by Chandekar Business Media Pvt. Ltd.) have been catering to the information and networking needs of the industry for over a quarter of a century. They not only publish the latest news but also present latest technologies, analyze the demand-supply situation on regional as well as global level, share the vital industry statistics, publish the interviews with the industry veterans, etc. Apart from publishing, CBMPL is considered the pioneer in conceptualizing and producing various B2B conferences and exhibitions related to the Steel & Metals industry throughout Asian region. Customized industry studies and strategic consultancy are also important activities conducted by CBMPL. We take pride in being considered as the strongest media brand in Asian steel & metals industry.

Needless to mention that during this journey, we have developed a long lasting association with various organizations and senior executives working for Steel and Metals sector on a global level. The database developed through the above activities is one of the most comprehensive one in the industry. By constantly discussing, debating and analyzing the industry’s strategies and operations, we are well versed with the ever changing needs with respect to skill set and the approach required to run and lead the organization in Steel & Metals sector.

On the above backdrop, ‘Chandekar Business Media Pvt. Ltd.’ is introducing a Placement Division which will mediate between the best talents and the best organizations in Steel & Metals sector. The standard operative model such as digital categorization/matching of the database, interviewing expert panel, etc. is already in place and a dedicated team is constantly working to upgrade our service.

Those who wish to take advantage of this service can send their résumé or professional profile to

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