STEELWORLD – November 2023

Editorial – November 2023 :

‘Asian Metallurgy’ show was launched as a bi-yearly exhibition & conference in 1997 in Mumbai. First few editions were held at Nehru Center but later it was shifted to BEC, Goregaon for want of bigger space. In the next decade or so, it was regarded as the most acknowledged trade show for the metallurgical industry in Asian region, covering both ferrous and non-ferrous sectors. It featured the Steel & Metal Expo, a global exhibition highlighting cutting- edge technology, equipment, and products, along with the specialized seminars addressing the challenges faced by various sub-sectors. The global pandemic of covid-19, which struck the world in Jan/Feb 2020, altogether changed the human life in all the spheres including the industry.

It not only changed the way industry functions but it changed the mindset of people who were running it. While everything else was bad, bitter and dark about covid-19 pandemic, it gave us few wisdom tips as well. Work from home’ or ‘Digitalization were old concepts but they got a big boost during covid days and today even after the pandemic is completely subsided, these concepts are still being used. Especially Digitalization has revolutionized the manufacturing industry and is being improvised every day. We too brought the concept of digitalization in the way trade shows were conducted and the Asian Metallurgy show, which was traditionally held on ground, saw a successful transition to the digital format in last three years or so. Not only Asian Metallurgy’ show but all the other events such as ‘Special Steels Convention, Iron & Steel Summit etc. Are being successfully conducted on digital platform since last few years.

Participating in this digital B2B event offers significant advantages. It provides extensive global reach. You can have exhibitors, speakers, participants from all over the world. The event can really become ‘global in true sense. The second big advantage is cost effectiveness. While it takes few lacs of rupees to participate in a good ground exhibition, it takes only few thousand to participate in such digital expο The third big advantage is 24/7 accessibility. The visitor can visit the expo and your booth any time from anywhere in the world. Of course one must admit that in such virtual events, there is no opportunity to have physical interaction and develop personal rapport.

With more and more use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), in our daily lives as well as in the industry, I am sure the digital
space and opportunity for trade shows is here to stay and expand in the future it brings the regional economies closer and facilitates global trade.

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