Editorial – April 2021

Editorial – April 2021

As an important input for infrastructure building, steel has always been very vital industry for the growth of the national economy. No industry can exist without the usage of steel and thus it is the main driver for not only the industry but also for the present structure of the society. The professionals like me who have spent multiple decades in this industry will always take pride in this association with the core industry like steel. A lot of sectors like infra, auto, construction, engineering and so many others use steel as a major input and their fortune is in a way linked with that of steel. Thus it is always a good feeling to be associated with such an important industry vertical of the economy.

The reason to narrate all this is that today our industry has added one more feather in its cap. As we all know, in many cases the covid patient suffers from breathlessness and requires additional supply of oxygen. Out of the total oxygen production in the country, around 80 % of the oxygen is produced by the steel plants for their regular use in iron and steel making. Today these steel plants are diverting this oxygen to the medical emergency to save the lives of our countrymen. It is the manifestation of their love for the country and for the people and our industry has made all of us, the whole steel fraternity, feel proud about it. Today, the oxygen is being carried to different locations and the states with the help of special trains organised by the railways. Thousands of patients across the country are being treated with this oxygen and are thanking our industry. It is a really great feeling !

We all also remember that in the first wave of this deadly pandemic, there was an acute shortage of ventilators and related equipment. Many companies from auto sector like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra rose to the occasion, quickly developed cost effective and multi user model of ventilators indigenously and supplied in huge numbers for this medical emergency. Mind well, they had to forego their regular vehicle production during this period. What a great patriotic gesture ! Like this a lot of help was extended by other industries as well. At individual level too, we see countless examples of such humanely behaviour. The corona pandemic is no doubt disastrous and may have posed a big threat to human existence but at the same time, has taught us a few lessons of humanity as well.

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